How to use Acar’Up?

Attack treatment
(eliminating the dust mites)

1x per week
for 3 weeks

(of repopulation)

1x per month


Remove duvets and covers 2 hours before using Acar’Up

Place the Acar’Up technical textile on the mattress and the pillow

3.Spray to attract the dust mites
Open the Acar’Up bottle, remove the cap and attach the vaporiser. Shake well before each use
Spray the Acar’Up solution at the rate of 3 doses per square on the technical textile

4.Eliminating the dust mites
After 2 hours, remove the Acar’Up technical textile and wash it in the washing machine (60°C) – Avoid the use of fabric softeners

5.Eliminating the allergens
Vacuum the mattress and the pillow

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