Acar’Up is a new method to eradicate house dust mites, composed of a product which attracts mites and technical textile which traps the allergenic dust mites.
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seven years of academic research

clinically proven

Prescribed by doctors

Without side effects


Free yourself from your dust mite allergy

It is a technical textile which is put on the bed or upholstered furniture that needs cleaning. This technical textile is sprayed with a solution containing molecules which attract house dust mites.
This spraying is done with a pump dispenser. After spraying, the dust mites which are in the mattress are attracted by the scent and take refuge in the textile, which is then placed in the washing machine to get rid of the mites. After washing, when the textile is dry, it can be placed on upholstered furniture and sprayed again with the attractive solution to trap other mites.
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Why are house dust mites attracted by the solution ?

House dust mites get the water needed to survive by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. If the atmosphere is too dry, in order not to lose water, dust mites send chemical messages to one another to gather together. These messages are called aggregation pheromones. After producing these messages, dust mites form aggregates in our mattresses which can contain millions of individuals. Gathered in this way, they avoid death by desiccation.
We have identified and quantified these pheromones. They are present in the attractive solution in quantities sufficient to attract the dust mites hidden in the depths of the mattress. These molecules are not toxic. Moreover, as they are part of the biology of the dust mites, they don’t induce any resistance phenomenon as do biocides. This work  is the result of seven years of study.

Product benefits

Acar’Up is a revolutionary solution in the fight against allergies to dust mites. The concept is completely innovative and can be equated to biomimicry: we attract the dust mites with their own pheromones in order to trap them, eliminate them and, thus, eliminate your allergy. This is a medical solution (without side effects), non-toxic, 100% Belgian, that really changes the lives of people with allergies and their families.
The outcome of seven years of academic research, Acar’Up is clinically proven and is prescribed by doctors.
Acar’Up is available in pharmacies and from medical equipment suppliers. Our product range consists of the basic kit (technical textiles (single bed format) + attraction solution in a 100 ml spray) or the duo kit (2 technical textiles (double bed format) + 2 attraction solutions) and the sale of single refills of 100 ml (6 uses) and 300 ml (18 uses).