Once a week for a month and then once a month


Remove duvets en covers 2h. before using Acar’Up. You can leave the pillow on the mattress


Put the Acar’Up technical textile on the mattress and pillow, with the terry side on the mattress


Spray the Acar’Up attractive solution at the rate of 3 doses per square from a height of around 30cm


After two hours, remove the textile and wash it in the washing machine at 60°C


Passing the vacuum cleaner over the mattress will eradicate the last residue left by dust mites

Advice for users

We recommend using this product once a week during the 1st month to reduce very quickly the symptoms of allergies. After that, using it once a month will suffice to avoid repopulating the mattresses (armchair, sofa, carpet) with dust mites coming from elsewhere.
Acar’Up eliminates dust mites. It does not clean away the allergens that the dust mites have released before being eliminated. For this, you are advised to vacuum the mattress with a device equipped with an HEPA filter. This cleaning is necessary the first time after using Acar’Up. Then, since the dust mite population will be greatly diminished, it will be less useful to vacuum the mattress.
For Acar’Up to operate in optimal fashion, you are strongly discouraged from using a water softener or fabric softener during washing. After using Acar’up, more than 80% of the dust mites are eliminated. After 2 applications, 95% of the dust mites are eliminated.